Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Trust in God, not Hubris

Talk about a crazy week! This whole business thing is proving to be fulfilling and stretching...but the good kind of stretch (the one that makes you realize that you've been slouching your whole life and you're really 5'6'' and not 5'5''). It's been a semester for learning and growth that's for sure. I love it. It's empowering to put your mind to something and then watch it happen. But there's a downside, sometimes when a lot of things go right, you feel like you can do no wrong, that any opportunity (no matter how shady it might be) should be taken. But beware!

We are risk takers yes, but honest ones. I have only gotten this far because of God, because He has (often unbeknownst to me) guided every step I take. If I want help from Him I need to qualify for it, and the best way to lose that help is to start acting like I don't need Him. Pride does that. You start to trust yourself more than you've trusted God. If you're me, a lot of things have gone right, and you assume it's because of your own supposed brilliance things are the way they are. Wrong.

When a man resorts to cheating, to lying, to stealing, they are in effect saying "Lord, it was fun while it lasted, but I've found a better, more effective, way. A way where I'm in control". We may not realize it, but that's what we say when we turn away from Him. But God blesses those who are honest, who have true integrity, and in the end, those are the ones that He can help.

We cannot make it in this life without God. We cannot reach our full potential without God. We cannot overcome the trials of life without God. We are nothing without God. It's hard, it hurts, but that's the hubris talking, and the sooner we admit that the better. We want to pick up and take our lives in our own hands, thinking that if it's all our idea that it's the best. But God has lived a lot longer than we have, seen a lot more lives than we have, and honestly done more than we have. I mean, when was the last time you created a planet? How about a human heart?

Trust Him, He knows what He's doing. There is no better being to have on your side than the Lord, no better help. Turn to Him and He will help you overcome it all. So be honest, be true, be a person of integrity and let God help you do it.


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