Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Beginning

This is supposed to be professional, and that is my goal in writing this journal, but forgive me if I get a little personal (or a lot) as I write down my thoughts and impressions. Learning what you want to do with your life is a big thing, but learning who you want to be is even bigger. 

As I was studying for my class Introduction to Entrepreneurship I was very impressed by the first chapter of the book A Field Guide for the Hero’s Journey, by Jeff Sandefer and Rev. Robert A. Sirico. To be frank, all I knew at this point was that I wanted to do something, to make something. But I hadn't committed fully to the idea of going big or going home. But as I was reading this sentence stuck out to me "Just about anyone can do great things, can live a life that's remarkable, purposeful, excellent, and yes, even heroic. If you want to be a hero, you can be" (emphasis added). I could be a hero. Wow. 

I continued with the assigned readings and just kept being blown away by the power and conviction of the writers, how their drive and determination kept them going on even when things got hard. I became more and more impressed that I can do something big if I wasn't too afraid to fail, if I wasn't too afraid to try. By the end of my readings, and after class I asked myself "am I too afraid to live?"

I realized that for much of my short life I had been too afraid. Hanging onto the things that I was naturally inclined to do, not pushing myself out. I haven't always been that way, I'm a pianist and pushed myself to perform and compete, but I'd hold back from poring everything I had into my pieces, afraid that if I were to give my whole heart to something and fail, that it'd break me. 

But as I was reading it occurred to me that was choosing between a failed moment(s) or a failed life. Well, I ask you, which would you prefer?

If there’s a single boiled down lesson that I could pick from my readings this week, it’s that I can do it. I’ll fail, a lot, but I can do it and I will. I’ll succeed eventually and find joy in that, and help others along the way. I want to dream, and then look up one day and see that dream change another person’s life.

So, did I learn something this week? You decide.


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